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Obstacle Deflectors

Mass transit systems operate in environments where the path of the vehicle can be impeded with "foreign" objects/obstacles. This situation can result in life threatening impact and/or derailment.

Obstacle deflectors are devised primarily to limit the impact force by deflecting or creating a "glancing" impact. Having potentially deflected the obstacle the force of the impact must still be limited to prevent damage to the vehicle. The deflector must be strong enough so as to do its job without itself being damaged.

The deflector must not be completely rigid, it is afforded a degree of movement (movement is necessary to absorb energy and limit forces) and is hinged to the vehicle structure to allow only angular motion. The angular motion is resisted by an articulating jointed strut with one end fixed to the vehicle and the other end to the deflector.

Oleo can provide obstacle deflectors to a clients own specification or assist in developing the specification and design.

Obstacle Deflectors Obstacle Deflectors