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Coupler Capsules

Passenger rail vehicles are coupled together using automatic, semi-automatic and permanent couplers. Oleo has supplied hydraulic energy absorbers and deformation tubes to all the major coupler manufacturers for over twenty years and has over 70,000 coupler units in service worldwide.

Oleo energy absorption modules can be integrated into any coupler and have been incorporated by all major coupler manufacturers. The modular approach provides rail operators, train builders and coupler manufacturers with cost effective units that can be standardised.

Oleo energy absorption modules incorporate the highest element of recoverable energy absorption to meet rail industry requirements for higher coupling speeds, lower life cycle costs and low repair and maintenance costs at the same time offering the highest level of total energy absorption and dissipation to meet increasing standards of passenger safety.

Oleo has developed a range of over 300 gas hydraulic capsules and can offer customised performance characteristics and physical dimensions to meet the requirements of rail operators, train builders and coupler manufactures. Oleo offers the widest range of the key parameters:

  • Start forces ranging from 50kN to 400kN

  • End force ratings ranging from 200kN to 3000kN

  • Stroke ranging from 35mm to 400mm

The units are proven in a wide range of applications giving long service life. The proprietary sealing technology gives unsurpassed levels of protection against gas and oil leaks. Oleo gas hydraulic capsule range includes specially developed units that are rated down to -60 deg C.

Coupler Capsules