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Elevator | LSB 10

LSB 10 (LSB10-AM1CG-B10)

Product Description

The LSB oil buffer series is a self contained, maintenance free* unit designed for low and medium speed applications. The LSB series is designed to be low cost while maintaining Oleo's recognised performance standards.

Oleo's LSB buffers weigh approx half of a conventional buffer and have a small space envelope, this means that shipping costs are significantly reduced. In addition there is the option to supply the buffers oil filled rather than with a separate container of oil saving valuable time during elevator installation and reducing the risk of errors and spillage.

The LSB series is designed and built according to strict engineering standards and is universally approved and globally certified.

* other than statutory inspections.

  Metric Imperial
Rated speed 1.00 m/s 197 ft/min
Maximum speed (115%) 1.15 m/s 226 ft/min
Stroke 'S' (min.) 73.3 mm 2.89 in
Impact mass range 380-3250 kg 838-7165 lbs
Height 'H' max. (extended) 222.9 mm 8.8 in
Height 'C' min. (compressed) 146.0 mm 5.7 in
Height 'F' to reservoir top 102.4 mm 4.0 in
Weight no oil (dry) 3.6 kg 7.9 lbs
Oil volume 0.5 litres 0.1 gallons
Reduced stroke: Rated speed with terminal speed limiting device, based on EN81.1 rule and ASME A17.1 rule
Reduced stroke ASME A17.1 1.47 m/s 289 ft/min
Reduced stroke EN81.1 - m/s - ft/min