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LB 40

LB 40 (LB40)

Product Description

Oleo has been offering the LB series for over thirty years. The Oleo LB gas hydraulic buffer series is globally recognised for its excellent performance and reliability. It is a self contained, maintenance free* unit designed for heavy and high speed installations offering our largest mass range. 

Given the large mass range and rated speed of the LB series, this buffer can be found in a number of different installations including, low, medium and high rise buildings, vehicle and service elevators.

The LB series is designed and built according to strict engineering standards and is universally approved and globally certified.

* other than statutory inspections.

  Metric Imperial
Rated speed 4.06 m/s 799 ft/min
Maximum speed (115%) 4.67 m/s 919 ft/min
Stroke 'S' (min.) 1141 mm 44.92 in
Impact mass range 1000-8330 kg 2205-18365 lbs
Height 'H' max. (extended) 2693.3 mm 106 in
Height 'C' min. (compressed) 1533.8 mm 60.4 in
Height 'F' to reservoir top 1492.0 mm 58.7 in
Weight no oil (dry) 81.9 kg 180.4 lbs
Oil volume 31.5 litres 8.3 gallons
Reduced stroke: Rated speed with terminal speed limiting device, based on EN81.1 rule and ASME A17.1 rule
Reduced stroke ASME A17.1 7.12 m/s 1401 ft/min
Reduced stroke EN81.1 7.12 m/s 1401 ft/min