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LDi 204

LDi 204 (LDI204)

Product Description

The LDi range are lighter duty buffers employing the same hydraulic principle as the heavier duty buffer range, but used for lighter applications in a wide variety of industrial solutions.


The LDi Range was originally developed for warehouse use as the units can fully stroke which enables the buffer to completely close when the trolley or stacker is driven to the end of the aisle.These buffers can also be found on trolleys on smaller STS cranes (STS = ship to shore) and have a range of 400mm – 1200mm.


Note: The buffer cylinder requires a clearance hole of 146mm dia

Note: Shear loads not to be taken by foot mounting bolts

Buffers should not be incorporated in applications with side loading without consulting your Oleo representative. For buffer applications and arrangements outside of the scope listed above please contact your Oleo representative.

Stroke 400 mm
Maximum Capacity 68 kJ
Maximum End Force 200 kN
Closure Force 2 kN