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Oleo to create 250 new jobs following opening of India factory

Oleo to create 250 new jobs following opening of India factory

2nd October 2017

The factory opening is part of the company’s drive to maintain its global presence in the marketplace, reinforcing a reputation for innovative engineering and safety that spans decades. In 2015, Oleo International won the Queen’s Award for its innovative elevator buffers and rail crash safety products guaranteeing the safe building of some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers as well as passenger safety of the fastest trains. The company will hope to build on the safety culture already developing in India by adding their products to endstops on the country’s rail system as well buffers in the elevators of tall buildings.

The elevator buffers developed by Oleo International are among the most innovative in the world. Oleo are leading suppliers of buffers for elevators that travel more than 2.5 meters per second, and are the only company to buffer elevators that travel more than 5 meters per second. Market demand from developing countries has reportedly driven this innovation, making high rise buildings accessible while more than fulfilling any safety criteria.

The inauguration of the new plant took place on Monday 25th September, with VIP visitors including the British Deputy High Commissioner, Dominic McAllister, and the Director of the UK India British Council, Arun Narayan, in attendance.

Mr McAllister said: “It is an honour for me to be opening Oleo’s new facility in Bengaluru, one that will create new jobs as well as add value to the  local economy.  This is a great example of the strong ties that exist between the UK and Karnataka, and a renowned UK company’s commitment to ‘Make in India’.”

Over the next six months, Oleo International will also build test facilities at the factory that mirror the state-of-the-art facilities in the UK.

Director of OLEO India, Shijo Thomas, said: “It’s an exciting time for us. India has a growing economy and will need a strong infrastructure in its rail and construction sectors. We’re proud to set up a world class R&D and manufacturing base in Bangalore, in line with our Honourable Prime Ministers “Make in India” initiative and bring our global technology expertise and innovation in upgrading crash worthiness and impact energy absorption technology to India.”

Future plans for the company will see it keeping the focus on rail and construction in order to grow its market in India, providing jobs and a boost to the local economy at the same time.

Oleo’s CEO at the UK global headquarters, Sul Sahota, said: “Opening the new factory in India is part of our long term growth strategy globally. A large part of our business has relied on exports from the UK for many years, and we are now focusing on manufacturing and assembling our products in the regions where they are being sold. As well as creating new jobs at our India factory, we will also be helping to train and develop the engineers of the future.”